Welcome to Essentially Braille! We are so glad you came by. Whether it is Braille transcriptions, cards, books, or other materials, or just simply help learning, we are happy we can serve you!

With rising costs, we are constantly looking for ways to keep our cost to you down, making Braille accessible and affordable to those that want to read it. Please contact us for a quote.

Approximate charges

Please submit your print materials for an estimate. The following charges are subject to change with unique features of the job.

Price per braille page: $2.00-$3.50

Item available only in hard copy print: $95 fee per volume

Binding: First volume of a book is free, free; $12 for each book/volume after

Item available only on Kindle or other limited digital format: $75 per book/volume

Prices are adjusted according to the project. We try our best to be fair and give the best possible prices for the time and materials.

Newest Projects

Hello God, It’s Me Again by Mike Kelley

Blinded by the Darkness by James Morgan

Leaf Memories by Carol Farnsworth

The Windows of Life by Mike Kelley

Previous Projects

Positive Vision by Ken Brandt

Why Millions of Believers in Jesus are Going to Hell

The Rootitoot Cookbook

Greeting Cards

Feminism: Castrating America (project in process)

Repentance tracts

Buckaroo’s Braille Menus

Instant Pot Instruction Manual

and several other hand-transcribed projects, as well as tutoring, teaching and more.